Dashboard Repair at a Low Cost

When your vehicle's dashboard becomes damaged through either fading or cracking, repair can be expensive with most repair shops claiming that replacing the entire dashboard is the only way to repair it. However, dashboard repair can be done cheaply with the right knowledge and tools.

Taking Care of Your Dashboard

Over time, your dashboard can take a lot of wear and tear. Properly caring for your dashboard can help maintain it and save you money in costly dashboard repairs. It is important to note that most dashboards are simply a piece of vinyl over foam padding and using harsh chemical sprays can lead to damage. The best way to take care of your dashboard is to simply wipe it with a soft cloth and water. Avoid using any chemical compounds that can lead to unnecessary wear on your dashboard.

Simple Crack Repair

A small crack in your dashboard may not seem like such a big deal at first. However, once this crack starts to spider web, it can quickly spread throughout your dashboard creating a need for replacing the entire thing. If a crack is noticed, the first things to do are use a utility knife and carve the crack into a V shape. Using water and a rag clean the area and let it dry. Use tape on either side of the crack and apply caulking into the crack. Let the caulk dry and remove the tape. After the caulk has fully dried, use vinyl paint and paint the crack to match your dashboard.

Dashboard Repair Kits

There are several choices available when it comes to dashboard repair kits. Most of these kits come with a molding compound to spread over the dashboard. The compound will then dry into the shape and pattern of the dashboard, which will be used to mold the patched area. Simply pour the compound over a large enough area to cover the damage and allow it to dry and fill in the damaged area. This type of dashboard repair kit will work for scratches and tears that have occurred to your dashboard.

Wood Dashboard Repair

If your dashboard is made from wood, it is necessary to find the right repair kit to use for it. There are several custom kits available for using on a wood dashboard. Fixing a wood dashboard is a simple process that involves sanding the dashboard down and staining it to match. After sanding down the area of the dashboard that needs repair, simply apply the proper stain to match the current color of the wood. If desired, it is possible to sand down the entire dashboard and re-stain it to look brand new.

Replacing a dashboard can be extremely expensive, which is why it is important to take care of your dashboard properly. If your dashboard has minor scratches or tears, it is possible to fix it yourself, using a dashboard repair kit. These kits come with the instructions needed to repair your dashboard efficiently and cost much less than replacing a whole dashboard.